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Too much!

Too much!!!

Too much grief. Too much pain. Too much uncertainty.

We have all been through “too much” the past couple of years and instead of getting back to “normal”, we continue to be confronted with “too much”.

My ❤️ goes out all whom are dealing with “too much”.

The National Funeral Directors Association has shared a variety of materials that may provide a bit of help and direction during these unpredictable and unprecedented events. Here are a couple for today.

Find ways to help you as you continue to move through these “too much” times. Move your body to help lower anxiety. Read a fictional book. Help someone else. Donate to a cause you care about. Watch a funny show. Spend time with family, friends, pets. Drink a cup of hot water with honey and cinnamon. Pray.

In the midwest, the recent rains are slowly giving way to parting clouds and sunshine. I’m sitting in the stands at the Big 10 baseball tournament with my 10 year old son for the 2nd game of the day. I will leave to cheer on my other 4 children in their ballgames tonight. The concerns of the world outside this baseball field are still there, but clouds above are slowly moving out, exposing the blue sky above. As I trust, wait and hope for these times of “too much” to move out, I will continue to choose to find the blue sky amongst the dark clouds.

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