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My Services

Initial Nutrition Assessment (50-60 min session)

The initial session will include a full nutrition assessment to review your health history, explore your relationship with food and movement, assess your nutritional needs and discuss your hopes and goals for nutrition therapy. A questionnaire will be emailed to you to complete in advance, which can help start our discussion and will allow us to use the time in the session to better meet your needs, answer your questions and create an action plan for your recovery.

Services - Consult

Follow up sessions include education and goal development. Specifics of the goals and education are unique to you and your needs.  Plans will be adjusted as needed to promote growth and success for moving forward.

Services - Follow up

Video or Phone Check-In Between Sessions (15–20 minutes)

Check-ins are shorter conversations for support available to address any issues or concerns that may come up between sessions.   

Services - Check-in

Offered as individual services or in a variety of combinations and packages to provide real-time support when needed.

Schedule a free 20 minute phone call to discuss how we might work together.

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